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Banish Those Pesky Brown Spots With Laser Therapy

The old-school term for those brown spots you see popping up on your skin is “liver spots.” While that term is decidedly less neutral than the one people mostly use now, these skin discolorations are nuisances that can affect your confidence.

Jay Michael Trussler, DO, has adopted a system that speedily, comfortably, and successfully treats brown spots. The Icon™ laser zaps pesky spots so you can enjoy life without this distraction. Many patients are beyond pleased with their Icon treatment results, and if your spots bother you, it’s perfectly alright to seek a solution.

Why do brown spots appear?

The simple answer is sun exposure. The effects of the sun’s rays on your skin are many, and brown spots are common and prominent evidence of simply being outside — not necessarily excessive intentional sunbathing. 

Not surprisingly, these spots tend to appear on the parts of your body that are most sun-vulnerable, such as your face, hands, and shoulders. Your chances of getting brown spots increase as you experience more trips around the sun, specifically 50 and beyond. The spots can be as tiny as a freckle or look like a large birthmark if an area of your skin has multiple sizeable spots in the same place. 

What treatments are available for brown spots?

Topical solutions have been on the market for years, purported to successfully treat brown spots — but they require lengthy periods of use, and results are mixed. Other treatments include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and freezing. Each of these has its own merits and also discomforts. 

Some people choose no treatment at all and just attempt to cover their brown spots with makeup. But if you have many large brown spot areas, this is impractical. 

The Icon system uses laser technology. This noninvasive treatment doesn’t cause pain or discomfort, and the Icon device gives Dr. Trussler the ability to precisely treat brown spots for the best results possible.

How do Icon laser treatments help?

The laser harnesses energy derived from heat to “blast” the offending pigment. Amazingly, the treatment works in conjunction with your body, which naturally eliminates the waste created by the procedure.

The laser treatment is truly no-hassle. During a brief in-office appointment, Dr. Trussler uses the Icon device to safely apply heat to the affected areas on your skin. You may notice a feeling similar to having a sunburn in the treated areas afterward, but it’s brief and subsides within 24 hours. This means minimal-to-no downtime, and you can go back to work, family, and your favorite activities ASAP.

Within a month of your Icon treatment, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your skin as your spots fade away. Most of the time, several treatments work best to banish your brown spots.

Feel better about your skin

If your brown spots have you down, speak with Dr. Trussler about his success with Icon laser treatments. You deserve to go out into the world knowing you look as radiant as possible. Contact one of our conveniently located offices today to schedule an appointment. You can call or book an appointment online.

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