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Manage Your Chronic Disease with A Primary Care Provider

Your PCP is your BFF.

Chronic diseases are a huge problem. Not only are they the leading cause of death and disability in America, but they’re also the biggest contributor to annual health care costs, adding a total of $3.5 trillion to our total yearly healthcare expenditures.


Jay Michael Trussler, DO, understands that having a chronic disease can impacts your life everyday. That’s why he and the rest of our expert team offer primary care services to help our patients manage their chronic diseases.


Types of chronic diseases

A chronic disease is an ongoing medical condition that can include life-changing symptoms. A disease is classified as chronic when symptoms are persistent and last more than a year.


The most common types of chronic diseases include:


Though many chronic illnesses have no cure, receiving primary care from Dr. Trussler can help you learn to manage it with a variety of resources.


Primary care services for chronic diseases

No single primary care service can treat a chronic disease. They can, however, educate you on your condition, so you can learn how to control it. 

Screenings and checkups

Coming in for regular screenings and checkups is a great way to keep your symptoms in check. Regular screenings help Dr. Trussler stay abreast of your current health status, so he can start developing a management program for you.


Patients with high cholesterol, for example, can see what their cholesterol levels are with blood tests. If you have high cholesterol, Dr. Trussler reviews your diet and tells you what foods can improve it and make it worse. 


Physical exams

A physical exam not only allows us to check the status of your health, but we can also track any changes to your health. This helps with preventive care because Dr. Trussler can determine if you may be at risk of other conditions. 


And, if you’re already managing a chronic disease, a physical can find out what’s working and what isn’t.


Patient education is the key to managing a chronic disease

Understanding your condition,including what causes it and what triggers symptoms, is the key to managing it. 


Dr. Trussler takes the time to thoroughly discuss any health concerns his patients may have, because the more you know about your chronic disease, the better we can help you manage it.


For example, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a series of different forms of lung disease. COPD can become serious, so it’s important to know how to handle it.

If you’re suffering from a chronic disease, schedule an appointment with Dr. Trussler. He can provide the resources and referrals you need to live a healthier, happier life. To get started, schedule your appointment over the phone, or use our online booking tool.

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